Questions and answers on the corona measures at the FH

Questions from the student body and answers from the AStA



What about 3A examinations?

3A examinations for examinations that are now being corrected or for which the 3A examination has not yet been scheduled cannot be held until the start of attendance time at the FH. In view of the current situation, presence examinations can be held if appropriate safety and hygiene measures are observed. The dates are agreed with the initial examiner as before.

What are the regulations for improvement attempts?

You have a period of 12 months to start the improvement attempt. If your deadline expires in the summer, it will be extended automatically and you can start the trial in spring 2021.


What is the regulation regarding deadlines, PO changes and exams that should be offered last time?

There will be an extension of the deadline and all exams that were last offered at the end of March will be offered again in summer. Admitted to the exam are those who were registered for the exam in the cancelled phase.


How does the situation affect the standard period of study?

According to §14 of the Corona Regulation of the FH, the standard period of study is increased by one semester for all students - including students on leave of absence.

Does the extension of the standard period of study have an effect on my maximum duration of BAföG funding?

See the BAföG section below.


What does the free trial regulation mean?

The free attempt rule means that all exams - no matter in which attempt you write them (1,2,3) or when the module is normally read - are free attempts. This means that if you fail, you will not be credited for any attempt. However, this only applies once per module in the summer. So if you fail your exam in July, the attempt will not be counted, if you fail again in September, you will not benefit from this rule, but one attempt will be counted. In addition, the free attempt does not apply in case of "Late", i.e. if you do not show up for the exam when you are not announced - then your attempt will be counted.

Does this mean that the summer exam period will continue to run for the current date? When will the exam take place in summer? When will it be finished?

The exam is expected to take place at the regular time. The earliest exams will probably not be offered until July.

When can I register for the exams?

The registration phase is expected to start in early June.

Will the exam phase be extended in June or July?

An extension of the exam phase is possible. However, the previously announced deadlines should be adhered to. This will be announced in the coming weeks.

Will all examinations be kept in written form?

This summer, those responsible for the modules have the opportunity to offer the form of the examination in a way that differs from the information in the module catalogue/examination regulations. However, this must be announced at least 4 weeks before the examination date.

What conditions have to be observed for examinations?

The obligation to use masks also applies to examinations, but only when entering the building and until placement in the examination room and receipt of the examination. The exam itself is written without a mask. Further special health protection measures will be announced in good time by the departments.


Is it still possible to hand in the BA? In person at the examinations secretariat or will there be an online solution?

Each department will provide its own information, but as a rule it should still be possible to hand in the BA - if necessary by e-mail.

Can my colloquium / practical project examination take place in the Bachelor's degree?

The colloquium can still be applied for from the first examiner and can also be held if all parties involved agree with the situation (room size, distance between persons, ventilation, ...) and no persons show symptoms or other illnesses.

BAföG and study financing

Is the maximum duration of support also extended?

The individual standard period of study for students enrolled in the summer semester 2020 is extended by one semester in accordance with the Corona Epidemic University Regulations. In accordance with the decision of the Rectorate, this also includes students on leave of absence. This is intended to compensate for any disadvantages that may have arisen as a result of the "online semester".

How do I justify a deferment of the performance record?

Even the cancellation of exams for which you were registered in the winter semester must not be a disadvantage for you. Please report the cancellation to the office and nvoke the cancellation of the examination for a postponement of the performance record. If necessary, a proof of your registration for the exam will be requested, for example a copy of the confirmation email of your registration.

What if my parents' income has dropped?

BAföG provides for an update application for years in which the income is lower than in the penultimate calendar year on which the calculation is usually based. To do this, you fill out form 7 and send it to the office. In this way, a situationally reduced income of your parents can be taken into account and your entitlement will be adjusted upwards accordingly.

What can I do if I no longer receive BAföG?

Sozialfonds der FH Aachen e.V.: The Sozialfond normally offers small emergency loans for students at the FH Aachen. These are usually interest-free one-off payments. In addition, social scholarships can now be granted to particularly needy students (see the AStA mail of 20.05.2020)

Information on the social funds

DAKA: The Darlehenskasse der Studierendenwerke e.V. offers interest-free loans for students in financial need.

Information from the DAKA

KfW: After weeks of consultation and searching for appropriate solutions, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research has decided to suspend the interest on the KfW Student Loan until March 2021. This means that, provided you have not yet completed the 10th semester, you can take advantage of the KfW study loan at somewhat more favourable conditions.

Information about the KfW

What about the interest-free nature of the KfW loan?

After expiry of the interest-free period in April 2021, interest will be charged as normal for further grants, the grace period and the repayment period. The savings from the interest-free period in the disbursement phase, up to the end of March 2021, can therefore at best be described as small.

What has become of the emergency aid provided by the Studierendenwerke?

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has promised the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW) 100 million euros to pay out emergency aid through the participating student unions. As of 07.05., the student unions are still very much at odds as to how the funds will be distributed among the states and further among the student unions.

How will the emergency aid from the Studierendenwerk Aachen turn out?

When the allocation of the funds to the Studierendenwerke has been decided, we will look for a solution for the distribution of funds at our universities that is as fair as possible, but still based on solidarity with the Studierendenwerk Aachen. We do not want a simple "first come, first serve". The amount of the final emergency aid has not yet been determined.

Corona Information of the departments:

General Information of the FH

FB 01: Refers to the general FH information and provides information by mail.

Information for the FB02

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