Corona informations for students

Corona informations for students


Start of summer semester postponed

Due to a decree by the Ministry of Science, the beginning of the semester has been postponed to 20t h of April 2020. The end of the lecture period was also postponed to 17th of July 2020. The lectures will end at the regular time (depending on the department).

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Our opening hours and office hours

Our consultation hours are offered purely by telephone and by mail for you

Gastronomic area

The institution Studierendenwerk announced, that all canteen will be closed until further notice.

Emergency Services of the Library

The FH announced for final theses (students) and online teaching ( teaching staff), access to the library's collection is guaranteed; Juris and Beck Online will most likely be accessible via VPN for the next few months.

Written Exam Inspections

The FH announced, that inspections of written exams will not be taking place until the attendance phase.

Practical Trainings

The FH announced, that with the agreement of all parties involved at the faculty (affected students and staff), final theses or in-house practical trainings can be completed (e.g. computer rooms, practical trainings).

University elections

Due to the current corona pandemic, there are concerns about opening the voting process at this time.

For this reason, the Rectorate generally decided with the election management, weighing up all circumstances, to extend the expansion for the period from May 11 to May 15, 2020, with elections to the Senate and the faculty councils to the period from May 22 to belong to June 26, 2020.

Opening hours and office hours

The office hours of the BAföG office and the dormitory administration can currently only be reached via telephone. The AStA office will only be reachable via telephone or email.

Telephone office hours of the AStA secretariat:

Mon./Tue./Thur./Fri. from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on 0241 6009 52807

Telephone access to the dormitory administration:

Mon. - Fri. from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 0241 80 93200

Telephone office hours of the BAföG office:

Tue. 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. + 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.;
Wed. 9 a.m. - 12’30 p.m. + 1’30 pm - 4 p.m.;
Thu. 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. on 0241 80 93200

The FH announced

Lectures and Courses in the Summer Semester 2020

Until 20 April 2020, there will be no courses and lectures requiring on-site attendance. The university is working very hard to provide online-supported courses starting on 30 March 2020. In the short time available, a complete and equal replacement of face-to-face teaching is not possible. Information on individual modules will be available on CampusOffice or in ILIAS. With the measures offered and the planned attendance phase starting on 20 April, students shall be enabled to prepare for the examinations which will be offered after the summer semester.


There will, basically, be no examinations until 20 April 2020. Final colloquia are explicitly excluded from this. Under the current health protection requirements and with the agreement of all parties involved, these colloquia may be held upon application of the students to the first examiner. The same applies to final examinations that have already been scheduled. Video colloquia are also permitted for final colloquia. If there is an alternative solution to an attendance examination in the form of a term paper, this should be given preference.

Examination Phases

As a rule, examinations that were cancelled in March will not be made up in April. The next regular examination periods will therefore take place in June/July and in September. In the students' interest, faculty- and degree programme-related solutions are possible and desirable. Information on this will be provided by the examination boards. The requirements for participating in examinations, such as, for example, practical trainings, remain unchanged if the examination regulations stipulate this. However, they are considered fulfilled if they could, in theory, have been fulfilled by an examination that was affected by the cancellation. This implies that an original registration for these examinations existed. Hardship provisions remain unaffected and fall within the responsibility of the individual examination boards. The corresponding applications are to be addressed to these boards.

Written Exam Inspections

Inspections of written exams will not be taking place until the attendance phase. In accordance with the Framework Examination Regulations, the request for inspection must be submitted within one month of the announcement of the result of the examination.

Practical Trainings

With the agreement of all parties involved at the faculty (affected students and staff), final theses or in-house practical trainings can be completed (e.g. computer rooms, practical trainings).

BAföG Certificates

Progress reports to the BAFöG office are made in consideration of the fact that the required academic credits have to be earned one semester later.

Transitions in Examination Regulations

If, according to transitional arrangements, an examination cancelled in March was offered for the last time, the respective examination will be offered once again, for the last time, in the June/July examination period.

Emergency Services of the Library

For final theses (students) and online teaching ( teaching staff), access to the library's collection is guaranteed; Juris and Beck Online will most likely be accessible via VPN for the next few months.

Institutions Studierendenwerk (counseling / canteen)

There are also restrictions for the facilities of the Studierendenwerk. The following measures are therefore implemented immediately:

Gastronomic area

All canteen will be closed until further notice.

Advice centers

The personal consultation and service times are omitted in all advice centers. This applies to the Office for Training Promotion and the Dormitory Administration. All students are asked to regulate their concerns by telephone.

The information point at Pontwall will only be open between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. During this time, the colleagues will only be able to deal with urgent cases that cannot be resolv ed by phone or email. The conclusion of AUTOLOAD contracts and the sale of guest cards is currently not possible. It’s also not possible to transfer the credit from the student guest card to the BlueCard / FH card.


All external events that are to take place in the premises of the Studierendenwerk will be canceled, regardless of the number of participants.

University sports:

As a consequence of the current situation, the sports business, the subscription business, the sports faci lity rental and leasing must be stopped from 14th of March to 10th of April 2020. All offers of the university sports center are affected by this, regardless of whether they take place in facilities of the university, of the city or of external partners.

This also includes the closure of all sports halls, the tennis courts, the beach sport and cage soccer facility, the all- weather court, the natural grass field, the outdoor fitness facilities, the Wildenhof water sports facilit y, the sauna and the RWTH gym - regardless of the sporting use and including changing rooms and sanitary facilities .

The time of the resumption of the operation and the start of registration for SoSe 2020 will depend on future developments and will be communicated at short notice. Please also note that up to this point in time the service point can only be reached by phone, email or by arrangement.

As a gesture of goodwill, the university sports center will reimburse the missed appointments from this point on wit hout any fees. To do this, you send the voucher of payment, which you should have received when booking the course, to Make sure that the bank details are given. Due to the large number of bookings, the repayment will take some time, please be understandingly.

International / internship semester and theses

Which effects are to be expected, will be clarified and processed during the week (date: 03/16/20).

Further information:

The FH Aachen provides current information here: Informations from the FH Aachen

An information hotline on the subject has been set up for citizens of the city of Aachen and the Aachen city region, which can be reached at +49 241 510051 (also on weekends from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.). The citizens' telephone number can also be reached at 115.

The NRW Ministry of Health has also set up a hotline for the coronavirus at +49 211 855 47 74.

The medical on-call service can be reached at 116117

The city urges not to unnecessarily call 110 and 112.

Informations from the FH Aachen
Informations from the Studierendenwerk
Informations from the City of Aachen
Informations of the Urban Region Aachen
Informations of the World Health Organisation (WHO)

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